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Purex Phase 1 Fibre concentrate
30 bags/box
B 380-2

Do you belong to the group of people, where the „big job” is really a big job? This is not by accident; this is due to nutrition which is typical of modern times. There is a natural solution to this problem: regular consumption of fibers.This helps the bowel movement, which is the prerequisite for the nutrients to get absorbed; or rather, the body can regularly empty excreta.

Thanks to the Purex Phase 1 fiber concentrate’s specially chosen water soluble and insoluble edible fiber mixture, its expandability capabilities have strong bowel movement effects in the intestines. 

Since it entirely fills up the intestinal cavity, it has a gentle abrasive (buffering) effect, after which the excreta buildup gets removed. The fructo-oligosaccharides (iFOS-Inulin) have, prebiotic effects, which means, that they o the only serve as nutrients to useful bacteria (lactic bacteria) in the alimentary canal.



The possible effects of the fiber on the digestive system


-fills up the intestinal cavity, and gently buffers the intestinal walls to remove excreta
-stabilizes bowel movement’s rhythm
-restores and preserves the normal bacterial flora in the alimentary canal
Due to the product's insulin, the useful lactic bacteria prevails, which is the basic condition in order to have a healthy organism in our time. 


Mix 1 bag (15g) of concentrate with 3dl of cold PUREX Phase 1 Tea and drink it before breakfast.

It is recommended to drink the fiber concentrate fast, because it becomes thick quickly and as a result its physical condition changes. 


Recommended amount (15 g) contains:
Amount NRV %
10,20 g n.d.
Inulin 1,95 g n.d.
Apple fiber 1,50 g n.d.
Orange fiber 0,75 g n.d.
Apple pectin 0,45 g n.d.
Total consumable fibers 12,30 g n.d.
NRV%= Nutrient Reference Value for adults
n.d.= not determined


Warning! The product should not be used as a substitute for a varied, well balanced diet and healthy lifestyle!

Children should only use half the adult amount in justified cases (ex: chronic constipation).

Side effects:  
You might slightly feel bloated in the first three days. In this case apply stomach and bowel exercise; massaging has beneficial effects.


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