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Purex Phase 1 Purifying package
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Now a days, we hear of more and more health care experts saying that the detoxification of the intestines is one of the most important steps in attaining a healthy organism, since over 50% of the immune system is tied to the digestion system, but especially to the large intestines.

The necessary nutrients can’t be adequately absorbed, if the large intestines aren’t thoroughly detoxified. This can lead to constipation, feeling bloated, (IBS) Irritable Bowel Syndrome, headaches, distress, allergy, bad breath and other health problems. 

The herbs in the Purex Program helps get rid of the toxins that have been accumulating for years, the living parasites living in intestines, and hardened stool.

Purex Phase 1 package:

  • 1 box of Purex Phase 1 capsule(90 pcs)
  • 1 box Purex Phase 1 Fiber concentrate (30 bags)
  • 2 boxes of Purex Phase 1 Tea (30 bags/box) 


The herbs found in the Purex Phase 1 program can help you get rid of the toxins and live parasites and the hardened stool that have been accumulating in the organism for years.


The following can be avoided:

  • irritable bile syndrome (IBS)
  • headaches
  • exhaustion
  • allergies
  • bad breath and other health problems

At the end of the diet, you not only get rid of the toxins but you might even get rid of some excess kilograms.


The PUREX Phase 1 program needs to be taken for 30 days to reach desired effects. During the diet it helps if you change your eating habits to facilitates the program's success. Try avoiding fatty, spicy and sugary foods, and eat more whole grain wheat containing pastries, fresh fruits, vegetables, fish and lean meat. Also avoid alcoholic beverages, and sugar containing drinks during the diet.

Every morning before meals consume a packet of fiber concentrate by dissolving the powder in 2.5 dl of cold tea. Take  the first capsule before breakfast, the second capsule at noon and one at night before dinner if possible with tea.
Drink 2 liters of tea a day, to reach the best effects don’t flavor it, if you must then use honey as a sweetener.

The PUREX PROGRAM is beneficial to perform at least twice a year for long-term results. Spring and then later early autumn are the most advantageous time to use the product, but it can be used at any other time according to need. It is important to take a minimum 2 month brake between the two PUREX Programs.

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